Safety Shoes ACF Series

: Safety Shoes ACF Series

: ACF 210

TOE CAP : Steel Toe cap 200J

MATERIAL : Authentic Leather

SOLE : Double PU sole

WEIGHT : 950 g. ( size 26.0 cm.)

2500.00 ฿

1,605.00 ฿

Color :

Size :

จำนวน :

OriginLaos Midori Factory
UpperAuthentic Leather
Toe capSteel Toe cap 200J
Size22.0-23.0 (Resin Toe cap 70J)
23.5-29.0 (Steel toe cap 200J)
SoleDouble PU sole
Weight 950 g. ( size 26.0 cm.)
Anti-static100KΩ to 1000mΩ
ProcessInjection process
CertificateJIS T8101 & EN ISO20345:2011
Selling Points

1. Light weight because of PU double sole 20% lighter comparing with other brands
2. Flexible Sole due to double PU sole Other brands made of rubber or single PU sole (hard and non flexible)
3. Comfortability because of light weight it helps the user to not get easily tired
4. Anti-slip outsole: protecting falling down or slipping accident.
  Midori deliberatly designed the outsole in order to anti slipping.
5. Widened steel toe cap: wider 4mm. comparing with the standard type.
6. Anti-Static: reduce static electricity to protect electrostatic-sensitive devices (ESD) or contain flammable liquids or gases.

Suitable working consitionDry Floor
Keep in dry ventilated area.
Slightly oily floor: OK
Avoid acid and other chemical.
LevelHeavy Industry
WorkAutomotive Industry
Assembly dept.
Maintenance dept
Logistics Industry
Electronic parts Industry
Painting Section
Storing 1.5 years after the date of manufacturing.
Normal consition (temperature and relative humidity)
Caution1. Avoid keeping and using in wet or high humidity and chemical area.
2. Not recommend for high temperture area.