Oil Mist Collector

The Oil Mist Collector is a product that solves environmental problems at sites where cutting oil is used to cool workpieces. Oil mist can affect employee health and even machine efficiency.

The solution to these problems is a product that improves air quality and the work environment. We recommend oil mist collectors that do not harm employee health, improve quality, and reduce the risk of fire.

Clean Wonder Series

Oil mist is collected by a high-speed rotating disc centrifugal separation method.

M-Clean Series

High performance electrostatic oil mist collector and energy saving inverter system.

Oil Mist Collector Series

Clean Wonder

M Clean

Clean Wonder Series (Disk Type Non-Filter)

Machine concept : A rotating disc is mounted in the collection section to collect oil mist by inertial impact and centrifugal separation.

• WR-054J

• WR-104J

• WR-204J

 Strong point

 Suction power does not decrease

 Easy to maintenance

 Adjustable Inlet and Inspection Port

 Product specifications

M-Clean Series

Machine concept : Oil mist is collected by electrostatic collection method.

 Strong point

 Environmentally friendly, removable, washable, and reusable.

 Stable and safe oil mist collection performance with Midori's unique "sparkless technology" and semi-insulated plastic shaft.

 High-efficiency motor Inverter as standard equipment, enabling appropriate airflow adjustment and energy saving.

 Monitoring by new AC (Auto Check) system

 Product specifications


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