Midori Anzen, We offer a complete range of safety equipment, including lightweight, high-quality safety

Foot Protection

Midori Anzen has been a leading pioneer in safety and work shoes in Japan since 1952, with over half a century of experience. Since our inception, we've expanded globally, including to Thailand, where we've been serving customers for over a decade with high technical expertise,  a comprehensive production system, and exceptional after-service. We are committed to delivering foot safety to every customer through consistently superior product quality  and a relentless drive for product improvement and innovation. Our product range includes:

Midori Anzen Toecap (EEE)

These safety shoes are designed with extra width, providing comfort without squeezing the front of the foot, and can be customized with various features to meet workers' needs.

Dual-layer polyurethane soles

These soles feature two layers of varying density, offering lightweight, high flexibility, shock absorption, and injury prevention from workplace accidents. They also help to reduce the flow of electrical current, lowering the risk of electric shock.

Head Protection

We are Japan's premier manufacturer of head protection products, offering one of the most comprehensive safety helmet lineups in the country, including safety helmets, foldable helmets, bump caps, and more.  Our products are designed to meet the varied safety requirements of different workplaces, providing protection to millions of users daily. We take pride in being the company that delivers helmets tailored to diverse safety needs,  covering the wearer's tasks and offering enhanced protection from accidents with features like the One-Touch Ear Chin Strap.

Made in Japan

Midori Anzen helmets are 100% made in Japan and crafted from various plastic materials such as ABS, PC, and FRP, making them suitable for a broad spectrum of industries. They are high-quality, lightweight, and shock-resistant, with a selection of designs, colors, and logos to suit your needs.

Good ventilation

Our helmets ensure good ventilation and are appropriate for both outdoor and indoor work environments (ventilation type helmet).

Impact tests

They undergo impact tests based on height and weight and are certified by JIS standards.

Additional equipment options

We also provide helmets with a range of additional equipment options, like visors and earmuffs, to enhance safety and functionality.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

With decades of experience in personal protective equipment (PPE) and the trust of our customers, we offer a comprehensive range of safety products aimed at protecting the well-being of workers.

Our product line includes:

Hand Protection

Our gloves are specially designed to protect hands from various types of injuries, such as cuts, punctures, exposure to harmful chemicals, burns, and heat.

Eye and Face Protection

Safety eyewear including goggles and face shields, designed to protect both the eyes and the entire face from harmful objects, dust, and bright light.


Not only do we manufacture and distribute personal protective equipment products in Japan, but we also offer custom-made employee uniforms including shirts, pants,

jackets, and jumpsuits, tailored to customer designs. Our garments are crafted to your precise measurements and specifications, utilizing quality materials sourced from Japan. We prioritize flexibility and comfort while also ensuring maintenance convenience, all of which contribute to extending the lifespan of the uniforms.

Automotive Leather

As a global automotive leather maker, we provide premium leather that adheres to world-class quality standards to our international customers,  while also ensuring our products are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Air Quality (MAQ)

The Oil Mist Collector is a product that solves environmental problems at sites where cutting oil is used to cool workpieces. Oil mist can affect employee health and even machine efficiency.

Safety Training

In recent years, the number of industrial accidents has decreased due to advancements in safety equipment.

However, this has also reduced the opportunities to witness such accidents, making it harder for people to intuitively understand their dangers and potential consequences. At Midori Anzen, we strive to simulate dangerous experiences through our products to enhance safety knowledge, caution, and awareness.

Accident Simulator : These machines simulate dangerous experiences for various workplaces, allowing employees to experience realistic events from different machine types.

RiMM VR : This is a virtual reality experience that safely simulates the five human senses. It's an effective way to understand and realize how accidents may occur.

Safety Comic : SWe offer engaging and informative comic books filled with safety knowledge. They are easy to understand and effective in creating safety awareness.

More information contact: 02-651-9799 #14

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