A manufacturer of premium automotive leather

 A world-class quality standard

A global automotive leather maker who provides premium leather with a world-class quality standard to our global customers, while ensuring eco-friendly sustainable products.

 Global network

With global manufacturing locations, we can serve

large-scale sourcing program for a global project.

 MIDORI Auto Leather Group

All branches in MIDORI Auto Leather Group will communicate, share techniques and new developped technology to ensure leather knowledge among the group and find the world's best service to meet the highest production and quality standards.

MIDORI Auto Leather Group


"To be a professional leather provider in automotive industry who create the perfect balance between Business-to-Business (B2B) with great solutions."


provide a great support to meet customers needs and specifications.

keep on enhancing

the reliability value in our supplied products so that our customer would be able to rely on.

well organize in

order-planning, stock control, on-time delivery and do the bestcommunication in our services to meet customers satisfaction and thereby our customers may deliver to OEM in the necessary time frame.

be continuously enhancing our efficiency based on quality standards to offer best products & solutions with the best costs to enhance our customers competition power and eventually benefiting all customers in the market.

work tirelessly and eagerly to promote our product quality and services to customers.

implement sustainable programs that improve opportunity, product and services.

continuously strive to find new trends, technology and global market behavior to develop our product & services.


Our product ranges include leather for seat, steering wheel and shift gear knob and etc. using extremely high reliability since the beginning of leather tanning. We are trusted by global OEMs as our track record showing our great customers in various countries such as Japan, China, Brazil, USA, India, Indonesia, and Thailand.


Plain Leather (Solid leather)

Leather with decoration

(Lamination, perforation, quilting design)

 Synthetic Leather

PVC (Polyvinylchloride)

PU (Poly Urethane)


Sales Representative for leather business unit

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